About the Festival

Following the success of last year’s award-winning Digital Skills Festival, we’re delighted to announce that the Digital Skills Festival will return for a second year between Monday 30th May and Friday 3rd June 2022.

Free to attend to University students and staff, the festival will include a number of interactive events, presentations, workshops and courses, delivered by speakers from within and outside of the University.

We hope that you’ll join us again for the Digital Skills Festival on 30th May 2022 to develop your digital skills, exchange ideas and celebrate all things digital.

The programme has been divided into themes based on the Jisc Digital Capability Framework and the University’s Digital Skills Framework, and covers the following capabilities:

Information, Data and Media Literacies

The capacity to find, evaluate, manage and share digital information and data, and critically receive and respond to messages in a range of digital media.

Digital Creation, Problem Solving and Innovation

The ability to design and create new digital content, use digital evidence to solve problems and answer questions, and adopt and develop new practices with digital technology.

Digital Communication, Collaboration and Participation

The capacity to communicate effectively in digital media and spaces, participate in digital teams and working groups and build digital networks.

Digital Learning, Teaching and Development

The capacity to participate in and benefit from digital learning opportunities, supporting and developing others in digitally-rich settings.

Digital Identity and Wellbeing

The ability to develop and project a positive digital identity and to manage digital reputation, as well as look after personal health, safety, relationships and work-life balance in digital settings.

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