Digital Self-Care: Being A Woman Online

Image of female using a macbook pro whilst holding a hot drink

This webinar is being presented by The Empower Project, an Edinburgh based charity supporting communities to end gender based violence.

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Effective networking on LinkedIn

Image of a mobile device showing the LinkedIn app in the app store

This workshop is aimed at those with a LinkedIn Profile who are looking to maximise their outcomes on the platform.

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Digital safety and citizenship for students

image of a user securing a connection on their laptop via a VPN

As we’re all spending more time online in the new hybrid learning environment, it’s more important than ever to take ownership of your digital safety and use technology responsibly. This one-hour webinar introduces you to the concept of digital citizenship and takes you through steps you can take to keep yourself, and those around you, safe online.

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Securing digital events and meetings

Image showing users in a zoom call on a macbook pro

This session aims to help us all protect ourselves to the greatest extent possible from similar attacks, and we hope it will provide some reassurance to all who want to feel more secure communicating and running events online.

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Information Security: Hacking Humans

Image of a man sitting in a dark room using a macbook air

This hour long online session looks at social engineering, the manipulation of the natural human tendency to trust, and how cyber criminals use techniques to scam people out of credentials and data.

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Information Security: How hackers attack

Image of a padlock, credit cards and a computer keyboard.

This fifty minute online session looks at the techniques cyber criminals use to infiltrate organisations. A number of real world ploys are discussed along with advice on how to protect yourself from compromise

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