Digital safety and citizenship for staff

Digital safety and citizenship for staff

Event Details

  • Date: 2nd June 2022
  • Time: 12:00 – 13:00
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Audience: All Staff
  • Digital Capability: Digital Identity and Wellbeing
  • Booking Link:

Event Overview

As we engage with multiple digital technologies during hybrid working and teaching, it’s more important than ever to take ownership of your digital safety and use technology responsibly. This webinar introduces you to the concepts of digital safety and citizenship and outlines steps you can take to keep yourself, and those around you, safe online.

This webinar introduces you to the following concepts:

  • Digital safety: Key threats to look out for, how to protect yourself online and where to go if things go wrong.
  • Digital citizenship: What it is and how to embed this concept into everyday work and teaching.
  • Digital identity: What constitutes your digital footprint and why it matters.
  • Digital wellbeing: How to prioritise wellbeing and find balance while engaging with multiple digital technologies.

This course is aimed at both new and existing members of staff with limited confidence in their knowledge of digital safety. It is a live version of the Digital Safety and Citizenship for Staff self-paced online course and serves as a companion to the Digital Safety and Citizenship web hub, The Digital Safety and Information Security workshops offered in the Digital Skills Programme and the Information Security Essentials course.

About the presenter - Vicki Madden

Vicki is the Digital Safety Support Officer in the Digital Skills and Training team. She develops equality, diversity and inclusion-centred resources, guidance and training to support students and staff at the University of Edinburgh in navigating digital safety and wellbeing. She holds a PhD in English Literature and writes on both the American gothic tradition and digital citizenship.

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