Office 365 Essentials: Perfect planning with Microsoft Planner

Office 365 Essentials: Perfect planning with Microsoft Planner

Event Details

  • Date: 2nd June 2022
  • Time: 10:00 – 11:00
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Audience: All Staff | All Students
  • Digital Capability: Digital Proficiency and Productivity
  • Booking Link:

Event Overview

Microsoft Planner is a planning application available to all members of staff and students as part of the University’s Office 365 subscription. It’s easy to use and perfect for individual and team-based task planning. It allows users to create, group and prioritise tasks, and assign them to other users within the University.

This short course will introduce you to the basics of Microsoft Planner and will cover:

  • What Microsoft Planner is and how to access it
  • Navigating the Planner interface
  • Creating new individual or group plans
    Creating and prioritising tasks, and assigning to other users
  • Viewing and sorting tasks by status, bucket, priority, or owner
  • Copying, sharing and exporting plans

This introductory level course is suitable for all members of staff in all roles and students. There are no prerequisites for this event, and it assumes no prior knowledge or experience using Microsoft Planner.

About the presenter - Andy Todd

Andy has worked for the Digital Skills and Training Team for 10 years and delivers a wide range of training courses with a focus on improving productivity skills, allowing staff and students to work and study more effectively. In addition to his teaching role, Andy also manages the University’s online learning platform, LinkedIn Learning.

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