Recordings and Resources

Below you will find recordings and resources including slides and further reading for some of the events that took place during the 2021 Digital Skills Festival.

Monday 24th May

Hosting Online Events

HP laptop showing users in an online Zoom meeting

In this informal session, Lisa Otty (Centre for Data, Culture & Society) and Ben Fletcher-Watson (IASH) will share what they have learnt over the past year as they successfully moved their public events programmes online.

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Introduction to Data Science

A hand touching a phone with varying data science related topics written above

Introduction to Data Science is a short webinar designed to introduce the beginner to the exciting world of data science for staff and student learners.

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Introduction To Reference Managers

MacBook air displaying EndNote reference management software on screen

At university you’ll be using a large number of documents in many different formats (e.g. journal article, book chapter, image, report, case law, conference proceedings etc.). Using a reference manager to collect, organise, annotate and cite these references can save you a lot time, improve accuracy and help you structure your work.

This short session will introduce you to four reference managers: EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley and Citavi, all of which have free versions.

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Library Bitesize: Check Your Source

Screenshot of the University's library search service, DiscoverEd

Students are often asked to read and cite academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed sources in their written work.

But what is an academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed source? How do you know that the information you find is appropriate for academic purposes?

This session will introduce you to different types of information source; how to search for and identify relevant sources and how to recognise or select resources appropriate to your subject or topic.

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Library Bitesize: Introduction To Web Archives

Screenshot of the main UKWA website home page

What happens to information on the web when webpages are updated or taken offline?

This session presents the overarching concepts of web archives – what they are and why they matter. It looks at approaches and tools used to collect and preserve web content (such as websites and social media) and how archived web content can be accessed and used in research.

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Managing your References using EndNote

Computer user viewing EndNote library

When doing research, or compiling a literature review, with so much information at your fingertips, managing it all can be a headache. Using a tool like EndNote can free up your time, leaving you to focus on the actual research.

During this 60 minute session, we will take you through a typical workflow and highlight the key product features that you can leverage to free up that time.

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Teaching Data/AI ethics in various disciplinary contexts

Data Ethics Canvas diagram from the Open Data Institute

This presentation and Q&A will focus on teaching data ethics and AI ethics in various disciplinary contexts, and seeing data ethics as an increasingly essential component of data skills and literacy.

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Web of Science: Trusted Discovery

Image of a user browsing web of science website on a laptop

With the increase of predatory journals and fake articles, finding trusted peer-reviewed articles can be a challenge. Using Clarivate’s Web of Science, this session will show you not only how to discover these publications but also how to quickly get an understanding of a research area, including who are the key contributors and which are the most influential.

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Wikimedia In Scotland

Image of Scottish mountains in the sunshine

This presentation and end of year CELEBRATION event discusses the efforts of the ScotWiki community and the Wikimedia residency at the University of Edinburgh; highlighting its efforts working with Wikipedia both as an ally in its mission to disseminate verifiable open knowledge and an important tool in its information literacy and digital skills strategy.

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Basic Data Visualisations

Printed paper on a desk showing a bar chart and a line graph alongside a CV

Data Visualisations are a popular and effective way to graphically represent data sets. This is a short introductory presentation on why visualisations are useful and factors to consider when creating them.

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Tuesday 25th May

Adobe Spark: Create social graphics and web pages in minutes

Screenshot of Adobe Spark online application with image of a camper van and some text.

Adobe Spark is an integrated suite of media creation applications for mobile and web developed by Adobe. The suite comprises of three individual applications – Post, Page and Video, each of which are available on desktop and mobile devices.

During this 1.5 hour webinar open to all staff and students, you’ll be shown how to use Spark Post to effortlessly create stunning graphics ready to be posted to the web or social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. You’ll also learn how to produce your very own scrollable text-based story, perfect for newsletters or portfolios using Spark Page.

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More Power! Scaling up your research computing, how, when, and why

Image showing the internals of a computer including the fan and chipboards.

From geology to literature, genomics to law, academic research is increasingly utilising larger and larger digitised datasets, and with these comes the potential need to use more powerful computers. But how do you decide when to scale up from working solely on your own laptop, and what should you consider in the process?

This short session will cover the key questions to ask yourself, consider what impact increased computing power could have on your day-to-day research workflow, discuss access to shared high-performance computing clusters here at the University of Edinburgh, and provide pointers to where you can go for more help.

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Sketchpad Colouring Book Workshop

Image of a user designing artwork on a laptop

Want to learn a new skill? And possibly contribute to the We Have Great Stuff Colouring Book?

In this workshop, we will be creating beautiful digital illustrations ready for colouring inspired by University of Edinburgh (UoE) buildings and the amazing treasures held in the Centre for Research Collections (CRC).

We will be using the free browser-based solution Sketchpad, and you will be guided through the steps from choosing an image to the finished product. We will of course be on hand and ready to help throughout.

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Subtitling For Media Creators

Woman looking at an iMac showing the university's Media Hopper Create service with caption editing tool.

This webinar will introduce you to automated and manual methods you can use to add subtitles (closed captions) to video or audio files you have uploaded to Media Hopper Create, helping to make them accessible. We’ll also give advice on how to optimise your recordings to ensure the highest quality audio, and therefore the best possible automatic subtitles. 

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User Experience Design: What It Is And How It Can Help You?

An individual writing on a green post it note during design session.

Design is all around us, and we’ve all experienced interacting with something that doesn’t seem to have been designed with us in mind. If you’ve ever struggled to understand an email, tried and failed to complete a transaction on an app, landed on a website and couldn’t find what you wanted, you’ve experienced a design problem.

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Wednesday 26th May

Getting Started With Microsoft Teams

Image of a mobile phone screen showing the Microsoft Teams app icon.

Join us for an online introduction to using Microsoft Teams – a hub for audio or video calling, scheduled group meetings, conversations and chat. Microsoft Teams is available to everyone in the University via Office 365. It helps you collaborate effectively online with your own team and with colleagues across the University and elsewhere.

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How To Design A Course Online Using ABC

Image of an apple on top of stacked books on a desk and some building blocks stacked up with ABC

In this workshop you will learn what is meant by ‘ABC’ and find out how this supports course design.

You will have the chance to interact with the online tools in the workshop environment and discover ways to get the most out of running an ABC workshop for course design (as a participant or a facilitator).

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Social Media And Apps: Managing Your Online Identity

Image showing a spray painting on a wall of the Instagram like icon

This information session will provide useful advice on creating an effective online identity when using social media and apps.

This session is particularly important for staff and students working in professional settings, who also need to comply with social media guidelines set out by professional bodies e.g. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, General Medical Council etc.

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Principles Of Creating Effective Digital Content

Image of a user reviewing a website SEO score on a laptop

Learn how to engage your digital audiences through good practice in writing and structuring information for digital platforms. You will find out how to get your critical information noticed, make your content more accessible, improve your search engine rankings and meet data protection legislation.

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You, me and data

Images showing a city view from an office window with the text 'Data has a better idea' visible

Data analysis is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. While some of us are still afraid to dive into data science, others diligently learn to use it.

This session will be presented by Olga Pexídrová and Eric Herz. Olga and Eric are students of International Business and Emerging Markets at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Together they would like to share their experience of learning data and the importance they see in it as young professionals.

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Accessibility Tips for Online Content: Legal Requirements and Practical Tips

White text on a red background reading 'ensure sufficient contrast'

An introduction into the accessibility of online content – advice on how to make online content accessible and information on legal requirements around online content and accessibility.

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Thursday 27th May

Accessibility Tools for Digital Design

Image showing a laptop with PowerPoint's option for adding ALT text to an image.

This webinar is being presented by Emily Fraser, Design Director at 8 Million Stories, an Edinburgh based digital agency.

This short presentation will cover the basics of accessibility in digital design as well as outlining some useful ways to implement accessibility within the design process. The session will cover the use of tools such as Sketch and Figma and show how 8 Million Stories, as an agency, integrate this into their workflow.

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Building Digital Capability

Two users pointing at a Macbook computer screen

We know that digital capabilities are essential skills in helping us thrive both personally and professionally. This session will provide an opportunity to find out more about tools and resources that can help you to self-assess your digital capabilities, identify strengths and areas for further development, and access resources to help you develop further.

This webinar is being presented by Lisa Gray and Sarah Knight from Jisc, the UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions. Find out more about Jisc.

The passcode for the below recording is: *DNU+m1b
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Code Dojo

Image of laptop displaying lines of code on its screen

This three-hour information Code Dojo event is designed to get people together to work on a problem in teams, then talk about possible solutions. It’s suitable for beginners and more advanced programmers.

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Introduction To Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra logo

This course provides a practical introduction to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra virtual meeting and classroom software.

The course is aimed at staff who will be running Collaborate sessions. It is intended to complement the “Using Collaborate in Learn” course – we will spend more time looking at the tools, demonstrate creating a session in MyEd, and attendees will be able to practice sharing content in breakout groups.

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Friday 28th May

Digital safety and citizenship for students

image of a user securing a connection on their laptop via a VPN

As we’re all spending more time online in the new hybrid learning environment, it’s more important than ever to take ownership of your digital safety and use technology responsibly. This one-hour webinar introduces you to the concept of digital citizenship and takes you through steps you can take to keep yourself, and those around you, safe online.

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Digital Self-Care: Being A Woman Online

Image of a mobile device showing the LinkedIn app in the app store

This webinar is being presented by The Empower Project, an Edinburgh based charity supporting communities to end gender based violence.

Digital Self-Care: Being a Woman Online is a webinar including practical tips looking at our reality, tackling online abuse + digital fatigue, being an active bystander and digital self-care.

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Effective Networking on LinkedIn

Image of a mobile device showing the LinkedIn app in the app store

This workshop is aimed at those with a LinkedIn Profile who are looking to maximise their outcomes on the platform.

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