Library Bitesize: Publishing your journal article

Screenshot of the Edinburgh University Journal Hosting Service

Unsure where to get started with publishing your article in a journal?

Join us to find out what editors and publishers look for and how you can best prepare yourself for the world of academic publishing. From market research to the relevance of the Impact Factor, article preparation to submission guidelines, and self-promotion to publication and beyond, this session focuses on the first and future steps to publishing your research.

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Web of Science: Trusted discovery

Image of a user browsing web of science website on a laptop

With the increase of predatory journals and fake articles, finding trusted peer reviewed articles can be a challenge. Using Clarivate’s Web of Science, this session will show you not only how to discover these publications but also how to quickly get an understanding of a research area, including who are the key contributors and which are the most influential.

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Managing your references using EndNote

Computer user viewing EndNote library

When doing research, or compiling a literature review, with so much information at your fingertips, managing it all can be a headache. Using a tool like EndNote can free up your time, leaving you to focus on the actual research.

During this 60 minute session, we will take you through a typical workflow and highlight the key product features that you can leverage to free up that time.

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Library Bitesize: Introduction to web archives

Screenshot of the main UKWA website home page

What happens to information on the web when webpages are updated or taken offline?

This session presents the overarching concepts of web archives – what they are and why they matter. It looks at approaches and tools used to collect and preserve web content (such as websites and social media) and how archived web content can be accessed and used in research.

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Introduction to Data Science

A hand touching a phone with varying data science related topics written above

Introduction to Data Science is a short webinar designed to introduce the beginner to the exciting world of data science for staff and student learners.

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Library Bitesize: Check your source

Screenshot of the University's library search service, DiscoverEd

Students are often asked to read and cite academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed sources in their written work.

But what is an academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed source? How do you know that the information you find is appropriate for academic purposes?

This session will introduce you to different types of information source; how to search for and identify relevant sources and how to recognise or select resources appropriate to your subject or topic.

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Introduction to reference managers

MacBook air displaying EndNote reference management software on screen

At University, you’ll be using a large number of documents in many different formats (e.g. journal article, book chapter, image, report, case law, conference proceedings etc.). Using a reference manager to collect, organise, annotate and cite these references can save you a lot of time, improve accuracy and help you structure your work.
This short session will introduce you to four reference managers: EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley and Citavi, all of which have free versions.

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